Friends will become enemies Part 3

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But the school year was coming to an end and there were exams, school productions and my grades farewell to worry about. I busied myself with studying and practising for our school production. I was, however, dreading the farewell. It was just another event where I could be a social outcast.

School productions dazzled the stage and stressful exams came and went and popular girl groups stayed just the way they were. Hurting me. And after all the horrors, stressing and exciting events had passed there was only one thing on my grades mind – the farewell.

Boys were trying to ask girls out and girls were gossiping about what the theme would be and what they would wear. I was dreading. Dreading. Dreading. I remember thinking that this was going to be the worst night of my life, and what cruel and horrible person had come up with this idea. It sounded like a nightmare to me.

My mum was a part of the committee that would design the hall and get all the props and ideas for the evening. I remember crying when I heard the theme. Like full on sobbing when I found out. I didn’t really know what it was and I had only heard rumours. To me, it sounded like the last worst idea on the planet on top of everything that had been going on.

But my mum did manage to get me excited by giving me hints on the décor ideas and showing me pictures as well as taking me dress shopping.

My mum took me to get my hair done on the day and did my nail and spent hours getting ready and didn’t bother going to school. And when I arrived I felt like the best dressed and got many compliments, even from the populars’ that I had had so many troubles with. And even though I didn’t go with a big group of friends – I didn’t go with anyone at all – and even though I didn’t go dress shopping with my ‘girlfriends’ and I just showed up and was me, it was still a fabulous evening. My mum had done an amazing job on the hall and I found some people I knew to spend my evening with and all in all I had a blast.

I think something I take from this and it’s, unfortunately, something you can’t just read and live by, you have to experience something like what I went through. There will always be someone there, no matter how alone you feel you just have to look and they will be there. It might be a family member, an unexpected friend, a boy or a complete stranger. Or it might be you. You may the one person you need in a time of complete loneliness.

I also learnt things can’t always be bad. And it’s the truth. At the end of the day, there always be a silver lining, you just have to look for it. It may be grey it’s so faded or it may be sparkling so brightly but it’s always there. Great things can come from terrible times. So chin up because there really is a rainbow at the end of the hurricane. And remember the stronger the storm the more beautiful the rainbow.

~ Phoebe

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