Long Awaited

Something that always surprises me is when things come full circle. particularly when that circle is roughly 8-10 years give or take. By that time you’ve probably forgotten what that said thing is or if you do still remember it’s such a surprise you may as well classify it as shock. Particularly by that point, it’s become a far away fantasy or something that will never be.

So when my mom asked me if I remembered the private reserve that we went to when I was much younger, I was more than confused and very curious. When she told me we had got the membership that we had applied for nearly 10 years ago, I actually couldn’t believe it. Through the years I had wondered what had happened to our membership application and whether or not we had ever got it.

There were a lot of questions surrounding the membership. You would think we would’ve jumped at the opportunity without a second thought but the membership is not inexpensive and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get the car in into the reserve.

After agreeing on a date with the owners to go and check the place out. So armed with friends we went on a journey. The car got in on the roads easy enough, the drive through the reserve was absolutely breathtaking, it was already affirming our ideas to take the membership and we hadn’t even got to the best part of the reserve.

Part of the reason why it was such a phenomenal place to have a membership at was that the reserve was filled with natural rock pools and water slides. The rock on the mountain had been eroded away and smoothed out my hundreds of years of water running down it. It is one big water amusement park and it is completely natural.

The walk up was tiring, to say the least, it wasn’t that it was far but rather that it was a pretty steep incline that made our hearts pound in our chest. When we reached the top, however, any breathlessness on the way up was completely worth it.

We spent half of the day up there, nibbling on the food we had packed, floating about in the pools and whooshing down the naturally carved slides. It was a fantastic day and completely worth the drive and hike.

I guess part of the beauty of all this is by the time we actually got the membership it was a long forgotten dream. The surprise of something we had once hoped for coming back to us made the wait worth it. It was even better that we had to wait then if we had just got it immediately.

It really showed that things come full circle, it all in a sense balances out in the end. I know how horrible it can be to wait for something, whether it be a membership or finding out if you got a job. we’re not always going to get the things we wait for and sometimes that waiting was pointless but it can just mean that it’s adding up to something completely worth waiting for – something that you might least expect.

waiting can be a good thing, it can lower our expectations so that when the thing we are waiting for is in our possession it’s even better.

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