Growing up

Becoming more adult and learning to be responsible isn’t an easy task but for me, the worst thing about it all is letting go of childhood traditions such as Easter egg hunts. During this time of Easter, it often hits me quite hard that I am in fact not a kid anymore and that there will be no “Easter Bunny” of any form this year. Even though I haven’t referred to hunts as the Easter bunny coming in years the time old hunts for chocolate eggs have come to an end.

And although it isn’t really that big of a deal in itself, it is yet another example of how quickly childhood tradition falls away as we become an adult – such activities deemed childish.


My question is what makes these activities “childish” and not adult-like. Essentially most of these acts are just about celebrating something, doing something that brings us joy. What’s wrong with that? If childish means joyful and fun then adulthood sounds rather boring and I’d quite like a refund. Thanks but no thanks.


The morning spread of my Easter brunch


My easter egg hunts are quickly turning into morning brunches and I don’t think I like it. I love the independence that comes with adulthood, the ability to make my own decisions as well as having my opinions heard more but a part of me still misses the innocent playfulness of being a kid. Maybe a part of me doesn’t really want to grow up and shows itself by clinging to my childhood traditions.

Being an adult can be hard, there is a lot of responsibility that goes with it and the expectation of success is high. Being a kid means having people make the hard decisions for you. You just get to live your life and not worry about all the things that come with that life, you don’t have to worry about paying for things and all the other thing that come with being an adult.

I feel like I’m growing up to fast, too quickly for my own good. I can’t seem to catch my breath, I want to go back to easter egg hunts and play dates and the carefreeness. It’s why I still wish for these sort of things, I may have an adult mind but somewhere in my heart, I’m still a little bit of a kid. I’m not saying you should be drinking mimosas while doing easter egg hunts at 25. The line will eventually come and that will be the end of that phase. What I mean is we so often push ourselves to be an adult, we long for it, but we forget what we leave behind. We blink and childhood is gone, playdates become meetings, pocket money becomes tax and we start to lose the youthfulness we once had.

Don’t throw away things that make you happy because it’s ‘childish’. Yes, it’s important to be independent and mature but there is a time and place for all things. Perhaps you are too old for Easter egg hunts but you are never too old to be youthful (that sounds really cheesy and cliche – sorry). Live a little – have fun.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter and if you don’t celebrate it – Happy Sunday!


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