Autumn means tea, reading under warm blankets, the array of red, orange, yellow and brown leaves that decorate the trees, scarves, cute jackets and my birthday.


Where I am in the world, it’s Autumn. However, most of the other blog post that I read are talking all about getting ready for spring. As their temperatures get warmer – mine just get colder.

Although autumn means a lot of happy things for me, it also means one rather terrible thing – winter. Winter is by far probably one of my worst months. I – unfortunately – get cold very easily and usually when I get cold – it very hard for me to warm up. I don’t know what it is about winter but it’s just not a good time for me. It’s too cold and too dry and too winter.

So because there are a large number of similarities between Autumn and Spring this can definitely be a double up post, for all of you with the fast approaching summer and for people like me with the impending winter.

layer up.jpg

Channel your inner onion and have layers. Whether or not it’s getting warmer or cooler the nip in the air can be deadly when not prepared for it. It can be adding an extra jacket (or a jacket and a jersey), wearing tights with a dress or swapping your sandals for boots. Preparing for a change of season can be your most stylish time of the year. It allows you to play with texture, colour and patterns.

Whether it be adding hints of floral for spring or a cute jacket, layers could save your life against the cold but can also add depth to your outfit. The best thing about these seasons is the layering doesn’t need to look bulky. In winter we often pile on the layers and sometimes it can appear that we are drowning in our clothes while we try to fight out the cold. The perks of Autumn and Spring is that it’s not so cold that you have to drown yourself in warmth. You can be clever and stylish in layering. Such as wearing tights and boots with a dress, with an open poncho shawl thing on top (you know what I mean), a cute jacket with jeans and a t-shirt or wearing some warm underpadding and look cute without the bulk.


accessories can be cute and warm.jpg

Gloves, bennies, leg warmers (yes Legwarmers) and scarves and be a chic way to keep yourself warm. I love to pair an adorable pair or knit legwarmers with some low cute ankle boots and jeans. They cover the gap between the boots and jeans but can also look really cute with the whole outfit.


Scarves are the best – if you have a decent sized one then you can even wrap it around your shoulders for extra warmth – they add depth, mix in new textures and are great at keeping you warm. It doesn’t have to be a knit scarf. It can be a summer scarf that you layer up a bit more or it can be a winter scarf that you wear a little looser.


Gloves and Bennies go hand in hand. Bennies and gloves are great for adding a pop of colour to the mix. I know I can dim down the colour palette of my outfits a little in autumn specifically and I’m sure others do too. And colourful accessory will spunk up any look a little or you can stick to the neutral palette and add a neutral accessory, this will highlight the colour pieces of the look.

mixing seasons.jpg

Mixing up pieces from different seasons (summer and winter) can be a warm, clever and stylish way to dress for the season – it’s also cheaper as you don’t have to go out and buy season-specific clothes (this is great for people who are on a tight budget like me).

One of my favourite ways to do this is to pair up my favourite high waisted white shorts with my black oversized knit jersey, I tuck the jersey into the pants and I have a chic outfit that is super cosy.


Pairing up winter boots and jackets with summer pieces can be fun and interesting to mix up your wardrobe a bit. It certainly makes your clothes shelf life longer. Swapping shorts out for jeans but keeping that cute shirt or mix matching a skirt with a jersey is fun and really lets you play with your clothes

autumn outfits.jpg



These shoes are new and I’m in love with them 





Those are some of my favourite things I’ve been wearing – so it’s a bit of an autumn lookbook of mine.

Stay warm and chic this autumn and spring.

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