Traveling Tips

Whether you’re travelling to a foreign country or keeping it local, the actual act of moving from one place to another can be a pain. The constant fear of not only forgetting something vital for your trip at home but also forgetting something vital for home at your destination.

For air travel, in particular, there are always a lot of things to take into consideration. Flying local is always less of a hassle than with international flights, different countries have different regulations, the flights can be really long and overall it can just be stressful. I rather quite enjoy flying and these are some things I do to make it a little easier. Besides if there is one thing that stresses me out like nothing else it’s airports.

  1. Pack toiletries in your “big bag”

    This stops you from having to face the international regulations where the country you’re going to is stricter than the country you’re coming from. Having my non-travel size bathroom necessities been thrown into the bin before my eyes after I packed it in my hand luggage was a little heartbreaking. Been there, done that – will never do it again. It also stops thing’s from exploding from the pressure of the aeroplane in my experience. When it’s in my hand luggage it just seems so much more likely that something will explode, leak or have issues when I use it after I am safely back on the ground. To play it safely put it all in your main luggage.
  2. Chargers, chargers and chargers
    DSC_0027 (2).JPG
    Usually, when people go on holiday they aren’t planning an electronics detox so if you’re planning to use all your electrical devices don’t forget the things that give them their power. Tripple check if you’ve got them to be sure that you don’t have to unexpectedly go electronic free.
  3. Cameras capture memories
    This is more one of my must haves then a tip but cameras are essential for me. Although memory serves as the best reminder it isn’t awful to have a few pictures along the way for when your memory gets tired. Besides I personally love have funny little snapshot moments. I usuallly my polariod for more posey photos and my digital for the more natural and “candid” photos.
  4. Tags and ribbon (or scarf)
    The amount of times I’ve nearly taken someone else’s bag in an airport is terrifying, particularly when I had a common colour like red. However, at the young age, my mom taught me a trick. Tie a ribbon or something easily recognisable to the handle of your bag so you can easily find it. An alternative is to buy a funky name tag that has all your details as well as help you find your bag like my unicorn one (it does also help that my bag is bright purple/pink). But really this will save you the sweat and fear of snatching someone else’s clothes.
  5. Pre-plan your travelling outfit

    Getting to flights on time can be a stress and something that could be making you late is deciding what to wear. By laying out what you want to wear the night before you not only have the time to carefully plan what you want to wear but you also can figure out what is best for the aeroplane and where you will be arriving. If it’s going to be hotter or colder in the place you’re landing you will want to take that into consideration, you don’t want to freeze or boil as soon as you step out of the airport. More so, aeroplanes can often be cold so make sure to have a jacket and be prepared for the frosty aircon.
  6. Always get there early
    What can I say missing a flight terrifies me. I usually like to get there about an hour early so I have time to drop my bags off, [side note: checking in online is a huge stress reliever so definitely do that] get through security and find my terminal. There are often coffee shops and cafe’s after security so you can grab something to drink or a quick snack before heading onto your plane.

So those are all my travelling tips and how to stay organised you next trip. If you have some tips you swear by, let me know and I’ll try them next time I travel.

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