Gems of the Sea

On the sandy beaches of coasts all around the world lies a hidden gem. Something so spectacular and beautiful only those with wonder in their eyes can see these gems unknown beauty. It is not something for the pessimistic.

These gems are created in a rather ironic way. They are smashed by the hands of people and weathered away by the crashing waves. Something many see as litter is actually more beautiful and intriguing than any shell you will ever find. Broken and seen as no longer useful, it is then transformed by the push and the pull of the tide. Eroded by the sand and tossed and tumbled in the glistening blue waves – sea glass.

Sea glass. Something that was broken beyond repair is now turned into something beautiful. Nature’s own inventive way of recycling the broken, taking these deadly shards of glass and smoothing out all the rough and sharp edges. Transforming it.

Yet most see this beautiful work of nature to be nothing more than mere litter. Nothing more than rubbish dumped on the beach that needs to now be cleaned. Created because of careless people breaking the rules and leaving the smashed remains of a felony. Yet how could anyone see it as anything less than beautiful, something that can be used in designs and jewellery or even collected.

This is not litter, it is not something to just be picked up and thrown away. These marvellous pieces of eroded and weathered glass are the most precious gem of all.

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