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Healthy Skin = Happy Skin

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and, very importantly, it is also connected to our blood stream, thus most of the things we put on our skin get absorbed into our blood. Having unhealthy skin calls for an unhealthy body which means an unhealthy lifestyle.

Being careful of the beauty products you use and being careful to use chemical-free products will not only make you skin happier and healthier but you will begin to feel happier and healthier.

In the beginning it is not going to be easy. Removing products that you know and love, to start experimenting with something you’ve never tried before can be scary, but just keep this in mind – you are actively making a difference to the environment as well. By using raw and organic ingredients you are reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the smaller brands that make a difference.

I myself have one simple rule when using cosmetics: if you can’t eat the ingredients – don’t use it. You wouldn’t eat chemicals – so why put them on your skin? I know this sounds a little strange but it is a good way to think about it. Most organic ingredients can be eaten, there are a few that can’t but are still super good for you.
Essential oils for one are often rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties – all things we want for our skin plus they smell amazing! It’s a win-win, however I wouldn’t go chugging down bottles of essential oils. Another example of ingredients you can’t necessarily eat are some nut butters – however if they are organic they should be fine to eat, just make sure you check the ingredients!

Just because you can eat the ingredients does not mean they will taste nice – take apple cider vinegar for example. This stuff is amazing but that doesn’t mean it’s going to taste like a 5 star meal. In fact it’s pretty vile and smells pretty bad too.

This is the first and foremost lesson on beauty. Healthy skin = happy skin = happy you.
Don’t put anything you wouldn’t eat on your skin and you will be taking your first step to healthier skin.

~ Phoebe

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