Fitness – The Healthy You

Being fit and staying fit is a massive part of living a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is not about losing weight, it isn’t about the “wow, you got hot.” And it most certainly is not about competition. Fitness is about living the healthiest and happiest lifestyle you can.

Getting to a point where you are comfortably fit is not easy. It’s hard and it’s painful. People say that fitness is a challenge against yourself to be a better you than you where yesterday, but I disagree. Fitness is about trying. It’s about getting up in the morning with the motive to do something. Whether it be 100 push ups or 5. It doesn’t matter, as long as you did something that day – as long as you tried. We all have good fitness days and bad ones. You may not be as good as you were yesterday but at least you tried.

With this, however, comes goal setting. You can’t just do whatever whenever. You need a system and an overall goal. You need to try push yourself a little harder. This can be every day, every week or even every month. Start small and gradually push yourself, because if you start too big you are going to find it too hard to keep up with yourself and you’ll get before you really begin.

Some of you reading this are at a point in which you can even do a sit up let alone a push up, and that’s okay. We all have different bodies and we need to remember that. You may have a goal weight in mind but you must ask yourself if t’s realistic. To start your journey I will give you my top five tips to staying fit.

  1. Drink water. When our bodies are dehydrated it makes it harder for us to do exercise. By drinking lots of water we improved the functionality of our bodies and drinking water can help lose weight.
  2. Lemons! Lemon is really one of nature’s greatest gifts. Having a tablespoon of pure lemon every day or putting lemon is your water can really do wonders to your body. Lemon helps digestion, which means it raises your metabolism. Raised metabolism = body burns more fat naturally = loss of weight and more healthy. Lemons are good.
  3. Walking every day. Walking is an easy way to get into shape. Science shows that people who walk 10 000 steps a day are more likely to sleep better and be happier. Walking 10 000 steps and also reduce your chances of heart disease. Walking is a great way to clear your head and enjoy nature. So try to go for a walk every day.
  4. Do short burst of exercise. Setting yourself a long workout routine can be hardtop follow and be rarely hard to motivate yourself to either do it or go to the gym. By setting yourself a short simple workout you have more chance of being consistent. Small exercises can include: jumping jacks, lunges, sit ups, push ups, crunches, squats and bum kicks.
  5. Eating healthily. Eating impacts hugely on our lifestyle and fitness. By eating the wrong foods we can cause drastic changes in our weight and overall health. Be eating more fruits and vegetables as well as alkaline based foods, we can insure a healthy lifestyle.

Being fit is about changing your entire diet or make sure you do two hours at gym every day, it’s about making conscious change to your lifestyle to ensure the best you possible and making yourself feel great.

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