Blackhead Removal Mask – Review

I recently have been dying to find a black head removal mask that just rips them all out. After seeing how amazing the charcoal mask was, and getting tremendous recommendation, I set out on a mission to find one.
Yet no matter where I looked, what lengths I went to I just couldn’t find one! I then decided I would make my own before ordering one online.

I scourged Pinterest to find the simplest and best recipe, and at last I had found one. The recipe is simple enough:
1 tbsp. of gelatin
1 tbsp. of milk

You roughly mix it all together, pop it in the microwave for ten to twenty seconds and tada! You have your mask. Put on your face and leave it on for 10 – 30 minutes and then peel it off. Black heads gone! Face feels amazing! We are all happy in skin-ville.

Firstly, NO! NO! NO! This mask may be as easy as 123 to make but it is certainly not worth your time. I have heard so many good stories about this mask and others like it but frankly it just doesn’t work. With something so highly recommended, you would at least expect someone to speak about the pain.

But I’m going to give an as honest review as I can.
It doesn’t work.
I would have been happy if it pulled out one black head. But not a single one budged. Not to mention it was the most painful experience of my life. I’ve had peals before and even this was more painful. I even did it twice however the first one was just a nose strip.

It ripped at my skin. Trying to take it off was not an easy task, I had to pull very hard and at some place it was painful to the point of tears. At certain times I had to even stop just to give my skin a break and compose myself. When I got to my forehead I realized that it had got stuck in my eyebrows and I had to use an earbud and hot water to detach it. I was so scared it would rip off my eyebrows and I would be without my eyebrows.

After at least twenty minutes of agony I managed to remove the mask and much to my disappointment it had done pretty much nothing. The only thing it ha done was rip out a few facial hairs.

I wouldn’t recommend this mask at all, actually I would suggest you stay away from them. If you have had a slightly different experience or have recipe that worked I would love to hear about it.

~ Phoebe

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