Heartwarming Humanity

We are surrounded by bad news every day, it’s on the news – and we almost never get good news anymore. So to brighten your week I have a very heart-warming story for all of you.

Last night I was on my to a Justin Bieber Concert, it hadn’t been the best trip so far. The main road to the stadium was closed, so we had to take a longer and much windier route. I being the navigator had to make sure that we took all the right exits. Just as our driver was about to take the wrong off-ramp I corrected them and told them to stay on the road we had been on. As they began to pull back onto the highway we had been on, we hit a pothole. Now not just a small pothole. No, we hit the biggest trench pothole, that we should actually call it a ditch in the road.

It didn’t help that it was dark and raining.  The headlights reflected off of the water so the pothole appeared to be tar. It was like we blinked and missed it.

Our driver luckily accelerated as they hit the pothole-ditch and the car pulled itself out. However, the car did not go unharmed. the front right tire of the car was practically shredded. Now being the young independent women we are, we knew we could change the tire ourselves. However, as we unraveled the parts we came to a standstill.

The part of the jack that you use to raise it was missing, making it near impossible to change the tire. Feeling broken and beginning to accept the fact that we would not make it to the much-anticipated concert, we phoned a towing company. We were stranded on the side of the highway for about 20 minutes when the unbelievable happened.

A young man pulled over and asked what was wrong and if he could be of assistance. He quickly changed our tire without question, using his jack to do so. He even lead us to a point when he could give us easy directions to get to the stadium.

We got to the concert almost on time. We missed the first song and heard the second one as we were finding our seats. As we sat down in our seats comfortable with our minds still reeling, we were pulled into the energy of the crowd and it was all worth it.

The show was an extravagant sight. There were brilliant lights and explosive fireworks and it was phenomenal to see him in person. The show definitely was the highlight of the evening.

I will never forget the deed of a complete stranger. It’s not often that people stop these days, fear for their own safety but I am very grateful someone did. My heart warms at the memory, even though it could have been a very negative one. I hope this reminds us that sometimes we just have to take the risk and stop, no matter where we are.

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