Company and diamonds

Girls weekends are most certainly the best weekends. They are often filled with laughs, good food and obviously great company. My past weekend was filled with all three.

I went away for a spa weekend with my mum and sister to a small diamond town. We arrived at around lunch time, we were originally met with the disappointing site of industrial shops and it was filthy. We had pictured a cute little town with picket fences, wooden houses and old style sandstone. When we travelled a little farther down the main road we found exactly what we were looking for. The gorgeous vintage houses and original buildings that had been converted into shops that lined streets. It was a picture perfect scene from the 1920s – 1930s.

After fueling up on food, we headed out to go for our half day spa treatment. The spa was a little bit out of town but when we arrived we were met with a glorious sight once again. Old soda cans, bottle tops, broken glass, enamel cutlery and old metal teapots decorated the area as sculptures and planters and the enamel cutlery had been used as bunting and cemented into the walls. The sight was rustic and a perfect example of how things always have a second purpose.

The spa was even better, we were given iced tea upon arrival as well as a foot clean. we were then directed to change and then to our first treatment. The first treatment was a Swedish full body massage and really got into my stiff muscles that had been building up for weeks now. Following that was an arm and leg massage and lastly was a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. The last one was by far my favourite. The shoulder and neck area is by far the place I get the most pent-up tension so the final massage really did relax me and relieve that last little bit of stress.

Before we left we were treated to dessert and tea. it was an amazing spa and I’m really glad I went. We later went out for dinner to a fantastic and the next we went on a diamond mine tour and went out for lunch before we left to head home.

I know I’m really brushing over the details here but there are only two main things I want to talk about, company and diamonds.

It never amazes me how much a simple two days can mean – we didn’t go far or on some extravagant vacation. we just went to a small town just outside of the city and somehow it was so much more special then if we went on a grand trip. My mum and sister drive me crazy – that much is a fact. They tease me mercilessly and somehow never find my jokes funny but rather scoff and roll their eyes. But thank goodness for people who annoy you, thank goodness for people who drive you up the wall. Thank goodness for people who love you.

My mom and sister can drive me nuts but at the end of the day, they love me more that anything and I couldn’t be more grateful. I was so glad to spend this weekend with them and I will cherish it for years to come.

The second thing is diamonds, while in this small town we bought diamonds. Something that was a rather rash decision but everyone needs diamonds at least once in their lives. We all picked our favourites and then headed out to a diamond mine tour. The tour was another great thing about this trip, we were given the tour by a person who really knew what they were talking about and was passionate about it. I learnt so much that it was a little bit of information overload but it gave me, even more, history of the country I live.

We all always want to travel to foreign places to have an amazing holiday and experience something new but how much do really know about our own country. It so often happens that we know more about other places than we do the land we live on. I hope you all try to learn a bit more about your countries. whether it is visiting a national monument or just going to a museum.

~ Phoebe



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