Have you ever had the urge to express
Have you ever wanted to sing out words
That mark your very soul
Or ink them on page
Perhaps dance them across a stage
Some prefer to speak in words of Shakespeare
to show the world

Have you ever felt your hands begin to shake
With goosebumps texturing your arms
Electricity in your mind
This buzzing in your brain
as the idea takes its place

But as you beg to show your worth
Upon your place of choice
Your mind begins to freeze – not knowing what to say

Your page remains empty
Your song a voiceless melody
Your dance an unchoreographed mess
Your theatre a mumbled joke

Then people begin to doubt
that you will ever produce the masterpiece
you so fondly spoke about

For the ink on your page bleeds
The words make no sense
The steps can’t seem to flow
The projection failed in its purpose

But this is not masterpiece
Nor will it ever be
For art can never be completed
Because of its ever changing flow


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