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Sugar and Spice: First Quarter

As the first three months of this year have come to an end I’ve decided to do a little summary of everything that I have been loving this year from fashion to beauty to lifestyle to books. It has been a whirlwind of a year so far and it feels like it should already be December but also like the year isn’t moving fast enough.

So to celebrate getting through the first 3 months without a breakdown here is all favourite little things from this year.


Essence metal shock eyeshadow creams


Featured shades: 01 solar explosion and 02 stars and stories


These liquid eyeshadows creams are amazing and I’ve been loving the two I picked up a while back. They go on so smoothly and add a nice pop of colour and sparkle to your eye makeup look. They last pretty much all day long and I would definitely recommend them.

Essence Metal Shock nail powder


01 mirror, mirror on the wall featured


This powder is really great, well priced and easy to use. It gives any nail look a new shimmer to it (literally) but also doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply and use. Although the powder can go a little all over everything, the shimmery nails are worth it.

[Honestly, I love most of the products in the essence metal shock collection]

Beauty Blender


I got this a month or so ago and it was my first time using one (a bit late to the trend) but I really have been loving it. It doesn’t leave streak lines like my foundation brush does and just really applies it evenly and smoothly. Most people probably already have one but I would definitely recommend it if you don’t.

The Perfumery 0002 perfume


I got this as a Christmas present to myself and I love it and wear it nearly every day. It has really citrus fresh smell which I adore. I find it really hard to find perfumes that don’t smell really flowery and synthetic and this one cuts it perfectly. They have hundreds to chose from and you should definitely check them out.


My houseplant


I got a plant to put in my room this year. It’s a begonia with yellow flowers and when in bloom it looks really beautiful and lights up the room



I started learning to play the guitar this year and it has been really wonderful. I’ve been wanting to play for years and I finally decided to start. I had my sisters old one lying around so I didn’t have to buy one. It’s a great feeling when you learn a new cord or get a song right and I’m really glad I took it up.


milk and honey


I literally only got this yesterday and have probably only read about 8 pages but I love it already. I’ve been wanting to buy it for weeks now and someone gave it to me as a present yesterday so I finally got my hands on it. It just looks so beautiful but also the small amount that I have read has been beautiful and I can’t wait to read more.

The Knife of never letting go


What can I say, I’m a sci-fi junking and this is probably one of the best sci-fi books I’ve ever read. It’s terrifying, gory and really violent but it deals with humanity and what makes us human in a heartbreakingly beautiful way. If you want to second guess what you believe is right with high stakes then this is the book for you.


Red Jacket


I got this while thrifting / from a charity shop and I love it. It’s sort of 60’s style mid-thigh length coat that in my opinion goes with almost everything. It is bright red so if an outfit has a bight colour piece then it can be a bit too strong but I love it and it’s really warm so great for winter.

Poncho Shawl

I don’t actually know what it’s called but this genius invention of fashion is super cosy and perfect for winter as well as adds a little something to your outfit. The best way to describe it is a poncho that is cut down the front and if you don’t have one you need it.

Little things.jpg

Forest – Stay Focused

Forest is an app that allows you to set a timer and stop you from using your phone. The idea behind it is to “plant trees” of productivity while you work, do homework or are out with a friend. The app can detect when you leave the app and if you leave the app while the timer is on and the tree is “growing”, your tree “dies”. You can track your progress and slowly grow your forest essentially. The best part about it is that if you save up enough coins you can plant a real tree through the app. You do have to pay for the app but it’s only $1.99 and is really worth it to stop you from using your phone to procrastinate.



I bought sunflowers last week on a whim and I’ve loved having them in my room, they’re just such happy flowers and the bright yellow brightens my mood every time I walk in.

So that’s all that I’ve been loving so far this year, let me know what your favourite things have been this year.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored so any of the above mention products I bought and tried on my own accord.


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