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Winter essentials

The cold has come, the days are shorter – the nights longer. Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. The frosty is air has arrived and that means I have to suffer against the cold. If it wasn’t for hot water bottles, tea, blankets and a whole lot of other things I would remain a permanent icicle during the winter months.

In case you’re like me and the cold is not your friend, then here all the things I gather during this time of year to keep myself warm against the winter wind.

Firstly, hot water bottles will always be a life saver.  Not only in winter as they can be the best fighter against menstrual cramps. I will always recommend the original style to the much newer versions. The chargeable and microwave ones never seem to last as long or radiate the same comforting heat as the rubber ones filled with actual hot water. All in all, they are warm and comforting and an absolute must during winter months. They are usually easy to find and not too expensive  (depending on which one you buy).


Next on this list is almost always hot chocolate or tea. A warm drink to warm you up from the inside out its always the best. It’s like you body heat in a cup – who wouldn’t want that? I will forever recommend a cranberry tea or maybe apple (or both mixed into one blend) and any hot chocolate of your choice is a great way to start or end your day.


A stylish and cosy jacket or jackets/coat is always essential for daytime wear. You never want to be stuck out in the cold air in just a long sleeve shirt or sweater. Particularly when you have no alternative means of warming up. A tip to stay extra warm is to wear a cute sweater underneath, trapping all that body heat inside a double layer.
Pro Tip: go to charity shops/thrift stores as they often have interesting an unique coats and jackets. As well as in interesting colours to add a colour pop to your winter fashion. 

A good Series is always essential for those days stuck indoors – fighting the cold. It is simply wonderful to snuggle up with a comforting blanket, hot drink and watch your favourite show. It’s a great way to relax as well as enjoy the comfort of your lounge/bed and unwind.
I’m loving: Jessica Jones, The Good doctor, The Shannara Chronicles and Stranger Things at the moment and can’t wait to watch any of the new episodes.


Probably one of the best forms of escapism is books. To sit a read even if it’s just for a few minutes before bed or during a break at work/during study periods is a relaxing and positive way to relieve stress. I know I don’t do it enough but when I do it’s one of my best things in the world. Finding a comfortable chair to sit and just hide in the lives of fictional characters is the best way to fight cabin fever and just have some you time.
I am currently reading: Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) and milk and honey (Rupi Kaur).
I recommend: The knife of never letting go (Patrick Ness) and Attachments (Rainbow Rowell). 


Make up wise, this is definitely my favourite season. Darker clothes are worn because they absorb more light and therefore keep you warmer, as light energy has a form of heat energy too (a little bit of physics there for you). This also means to accommodate the change in colour scheme, darker coloured makeup is much more acceptable. That means tones of leather brown, bronze, terracotta red-ish brown and purple become the usual colours for eyeshadow and lipstick choice. I am most certainly not complaining, these colours being some of my faves.
I recommend: Yardley London Stayfast Lipstick in Spiced Raisin and Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in 640 Blackberry


This last one is one of the no-gos. A good blanket and cosy socks are essential for surviving the winter time. The is nothing I can really recommend brand wise as everyone had different tastes and ideas. I know a few people who aren’t too crazy about fleece blankets and prefer ones with more texture. Socks range from all different colours, fabrics and textures and it’s really about what suits you and feels best to you. It doesn’t really matter what advice you get unless it works for you. The only thing is if you don’t have these items then I don’t know how you are surviving winter.


These are all my must-have items and help me to push through the winter months and stay warm. Remember, if you’re cold you’re way more likely to get sick. So stay warm and healthy this winter season.


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