Ocean Eyes

They were always that blue that wasn’t quite blue
Swirling in them was the emerald and crystal
Hiding the depths of what she felt
They were crystalline when they caught the light
Reflecting it off her cool eyes

Her pupils were jagged rocks
Unsuspected but deadly in their sharpness
You need a lighthouse
to look her in the eye

They are glassy if you dare to look close enough
Touched by salt water
Covered by an artistic hand that dares to dip into the skin toned palette

They swirled with mist in the morning
And darkened in the evening
They entranced any who dared
to stare into their hidden depths

They were cool against the burning sand of her skin.
Turmoil they represent
And a darkness hidden in their reflective depths.

The give a sense of something
Whenever someone looks into her ocean eyes


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