Hello Spring

In my part of the world it’s springtime – in fact, yesterday was spring day – which means flowers, pretty dresses and horrible hayfever. At least to me, it does. Spring and I have a love-hate relationship, probably because I am very allergic to pollen so spring is just a time to be sick because of hayfever for me. But still I adore the style shift, the hundreds of beautiful flowers blooming and all the trees starting to wake up again.


The past two years I’ve celebrated spring in the similar manner of flower crowns. Not your usual plastic or metal ones that you can buy at a shop but rather filling my hair with an array of beautiful blossoms in a crown formation and usually pair it with a floral dress if it works.

It looks absolutely stunning and it’s a simple enough way to dress up your outfit during the warmer months. I always get lots of compliments when I style my hair like this and it just makes me feel really pretty and spring-like.


To make your natural and gorgeous flower crown long hair is ideal. The flowers need something to hold on to so having long hair that you can make thick braids with will make your life a whole lot easier. But don’t worry if you have short or shorter hair – if you’re able to plait it then you should be fine – then just stick to smaller flowers and everything will work out.

Select your choice of flowers you can do one type, two, three or even more but think about the fullness of the look you want to go for or how it will hold in your hair because you don’t want all of them falling out. I recommend mink daisies, babies breath, jasmine or lavender (these also gives off a scent so it can add to the feel of the look), statice, or any small flower that has a long-ish stem so that you can thread it through the plait. you can use larger flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, lilies or tulips but they are usually heavier and would probably have to be pinned to the hair in order for them to stay in place which is why usually smaller and lighter flowers are your best bet.

These are Statice flowers 

For the plaited crown I recommend a dutch braid, just because it’s easier to slip the flowers in and under the hair and it just feels like you have more surface area to work with. There are a few ways to get the crown effect the first is to do a crown braid – which is to start at your parting and dutch braid the hair all the way around your head and then secure the rest of the braid to the top of your head with some bobby pins so that it appears that you essentially have a braided crown wrapping around your head.

The next is to plait two smaller dutch braids on either side of your head and secure them at the back of your head where they meet with bobby pins so that you have a cute half up half down look.

The final way that I like to do it is to dutch braid two braids from either side of my head down to the base of my head. I then join the braids together – there are a total of 6 strands to I join two together so I make 3 strands in total – and then braid it down my back.

Now for the flowers: I usually start with one type of flower and mess around with the one until I’m happy and then move onto the next but you can just add as you go and see what looks good. There is no real pattern to how you should add the flowers and because of this no matter what you do it’s going to look beautiful. Doing some sort of pattern, however, is nice because it creates an easy flow for the eye to follow. You can do a few flowers or you can go crazy with the flowers – it’s up to you.

DSC_0477 (2).JPG


some things to consider.jpg

  • Some flowers stems are much weaker than others so you can’t just push them in but rather you have to thread them like a needle.
  • Some flowers dry beautifully and others don’t – an example of this is mink daisies quite literally shrivel up and die because of the lack of water – you can if you want to replace them later on in the day or just use flowers that do dry nicely.
  • The stems can be quite uncomfortable if not put in properly, so just be careful when doing so.
  • Some flowers are GOING TO fall out – you can’t really prevent this. So just don’t freak out if some fall out during the day, go with it and just chill.

This is my welcome to spring and how to make a unique flower crown. If you try this yourself then do tag my Instagram @pconreydotcom or my Twitter @PConreydotcom. I hope you all have a wonderful spring or autumn and you embrace the season change.

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