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An interesting Festive season

Christmas and the festive season where I come from is always a little different to the depiction I grew up watching in movies.

For one I live in the southern hemisphere so there’s no snow or even frost. December means summer so snowball fights, sleighing and hot chocolate by the fire is replaced with swimming, cocktails and hot days spent in shorts and t-shirts reading and watching TV.

Secondly, we often have Christmas lunch rather than the Christmas dinner that seems more traditional in the media.

But this year, in particular, would be a memorable Christmas day. To begin with, my brother would not be spending the day with us and the temperatures seemed to be ten degrees (Celsius) higher than normal and we were almost drowning in the heat.

The day started unusually in the first place – seeing as we couldn’t wake up and open presents because my sister hadn’t finished my mom’s and mine yet so we had to wait. To give her time to complete them in peace, my mom and I decided to take the dog for a walk as her Christmas present of sorts.

The walk started off wonderfully, we got to the park early so we wouldn’t have to fight off the heat. Also so our dog – Molly – wouldn’t just stop in the middle of the walk because it was too hot. She tends to do that sometimes. It was nice to be out the open air and Molly seemed to be enjoying her Christmas morning. It was a lovely walk until we got to the end section.

It was a part near the river on the slope, shaded by pine trees. Molly ran into the river and as she ran out, I quickly tried to move out of her way – as so to not get wet. As she bolted past, however, she bumped into me. The slight force and the slippery dried pine needles underneath my feet was all into took for my feet to come right out from underneath me. I fell – hard.

Coming up from the shock of it took a few moments and after doing so I made two unpleasant discoveries. Firstly, my phone which had been in my hand at the time was smashed to pieces. we thought it was probably smashed so bad as I had a ring on the back that was hooked on my finger. It probably kept it from just tumbling to the ground and letting my hand take the brunt of it, so it probably protected me for worse injuries. And secondly, I was bleeding from my forearm just above the elbow.

It hurt and my hands were grazed pretty bad and I was in shock. So like any hurt in-shock person, I cried. Quite a lot too. We walked back to the car where we thought we would wait to get home before doing anything to it.

We got home as quickly as we could and then after inspecting the now water washed wound, we decided it was too deep to not get checked out by a professional so we started our Christmas day with a trip to the ER, three stitches and a tetanus shot. Funnily enough, our next door neighbour was also at the emergency room, quite literally across the hall and it made for a rather laughable moment. Especially seeing as we would be spending the next day together for a post-Christmas Christmas lunch.

We went home, opened presents and I then went and had a four-hour nap. Local anaesthesia almost always needs a nap.

It was an unusual start to the day and rather unpleasant, however, it was still a wonderful day, jolly and bright and all that other Christmas stuff. We drank Mojito’s in the blistering sun and had a late evening Christmas meal due to some oven malfunctions but it was a really good day. Maybe a little strange and mismatched and certainly one for the books but it was a good day.

Festive days such as Christmas don’t always play out like they do in the movies and it’s fine because they are memorable and important in their own human sort of way.

I hope you had a wonderful festive season and you enjoyed this little story of mine.

P.S my sister still has yet to complete my mom and I’s christmas present. They might become birthday presents instead at this rate.

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