I am not a Child

I am not a child
not anymore
But rather

I am
The rising seas
that will avenge my fallen as
I serge and swell and swallow you
I am the dried up river
That will starve you
You misused me, abused me
My drought is a consequence of your
You reaped what you sowed.

I am the trees
the ones giving you the air you
The ones you ripped from the ground
the ones you cut down
I am the trees and I am burning,
blistering hot
I once cleaned your air and in my
destruction I will pollute it

I am the cattle in a box
I am eating, it is all I do, all I have been bred for
I am the cattle being slaughtered in an abattoir
The river of red flowing down the
cement and gathering the ground in its path
Until it is a thick red sludge of dust and blood
I am the animal carcass hanging in a

I am the orangutan crawling it’s way through rubble
and dust of what used to be its home
I am on the verge of extinction
I am being filmed and photographed
I die
I am the animal being hunted for miracles
the only miracle is how no one
can hear me screaming as
I’m dying
I am the last bit of beauty
and grace
of my kind
that falls with a gunshot.

I am the hopeless communities
ravaged by drought and flood

But worst of all I am the adults
That ignore the children’s numerous tears
ignore their protests and their

I am the profit driven farmer
that burns the Amazon to the
I am the fisherman that leaves his
nets in the ocean and fishes
until there are no fish left
I am the oil company
that cracks the ground, polluting
the water so that they may
have transport
So that they may have light
I am the coal plant that is choking
it’s workers with fumes
And polluting the air with carbon
I am the government that chooses
profit over planet
Lifestyle over life
Immediate growth over longevity

I am the people that continue to
that the house is on fire

I am not a child
Not anymore
Because there is no time or place for me to be a child
Not anymore
I must convince the unconvincable
that we must act
that we must change
I must fight for my future to remain
I must make the impossible possible

I am not a child
Because how can I be a child through all of this?

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