Showertime Shenanigans

Recently our geyser burst, it wasn’t too bad of a burst in the sense that we didn’t have it flood our entire ceiling. However, it provided us with an opportunity. We could replace the old electric geyser with a off the grid gas one. My mom has been in the process of trying to get us of the grid for years so at the prospect of being able to make another step closer to this possibility thrilled her.

However, this geyser brought us one or two problems and quite a few giggles.

Firstly, we had to put in new piping. Having had an electric geyser we had to put the piping for the gas in and the geyser has to go on the outside of the house so water pipes also have to be put in. This isn’t too bad, but it’s just a bit of a headache.

However, the real problem came a little bit later. When showing one morning in about 6°C weather, the hot water promptly turned off, and I was doused in freezing cold water.

Shivering, completely naked and covered in shampoo, I was less than amused. In my state of shock and cold, I called out to my mom. Who at the time was doing yoga and was probably equally shocked to be jolted out of her state of breathing and relaxation to have her daughter yelling at her that the hot water had turned off.

My mom rushed outside to check why the geyser wasn’t igniting and then eventually we got the hot water to flow again.

This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. A few days prior we hadn’t been able to get the geyser to light again while I was in the shower and I had to go across the garden to my sister’s cottage to go and shower.

It also happened to my mom a few days after my shampoo incident and she started yelling at me in the middle of my online class and I had to rush to the geyser and set the temperature again.

After the last incident we seemed to have sorted it out but it made for some very uncomfortable nude moments and some very frozen people.

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