No Closed Doors

I have a cat. An exquisite, sweet cat. Now the rest of my family may say that he is a family cat, but this is simply not true. Grinch is my cat. Sorry, mom and siblings but he is my cat, and I have staked my claim over him.

Now, he may be a very loving and sweet cat, but he has certain… quirks that make him rather interesting to live with.

Grinch used to be a very unsociable and grumpy cat – hence the name Grinch – when he was a kitten and we had other cats along with him. He would hardly spend time around people or even in the house and instead spent his time outside. It was because of his adventurous self that he got a bent ear. He repeatedly shocked it on an electric fence until he gave himself nerve damage (idiot).

Although the repeated shocking was really stupid, it has given him a soft mellowed look. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a snaggletooth. He looks like a sweet, harmless black teddy bear far more than his name-sake’s grumpy exterior.

He, however, softened with time and became the loving and sweet cat we know today. Grinch, unfortunately, does not treat my mom with the same care that he gives to me and my siblings. He loves her (I’m sure he does), but he has the tendency to blame her when things are not to his liking. He also screams at her when he wants something or just feels like giving her a piece of his mind.

When we moved into a new house, he developed two habits that we had previously never known about. This is partially because of him being housebound after our dog developed a taste for chasing him. But they came as quite a shock when they started showing themselves.

The first, my sister and I have happily termed ‘chasing ghost cats’. Once or twice a day – sometimes more – Grinch takes to running around the house like a madman with sanity chasing his tail. When this first happened, we were all baffled. We couldn’t put our finger on why it was happening. Which is how ‘chasing ghost cats’ came about, but I suppose it’s how he keeps in shape. He used to have a large garden to roam and now he doesn’t. It is, however, quite a sight to see and rather startling to hear.

The second has caused countless headaches. Grinch despises closed doors. Can’t stand them. In fact, I think if he could have it his way, he would have every single door in the house (including the cupboard doors) open at every single second of every day. Because not only does Grinch hate closed doors, but he is persistent that we open the door as he discovers it has been closed.

It doesn’t matter if you are napping, taking a bath, on the loo, working or simply minding your own business if there is a closed door, prepare yourself. Grinch will scratch and howl until you open the door. He might not even go into the room after we have opened the door, but he will ensure that it remains open. Sometimes he just stares at you for a few seconds before sashaying away.

We aren’t exactly sure why he’s taken to doing this, but it sure is frustrating. We tried not opening the door until he just let it be, but he’s a cat. And in case you didn’t know: cats always get what they want.

I don’t know why I even try to close the doors.

We’ve gotten used to it. My mom’s afternoon naps have gained a little more white noise than they used to have, and I have gotten used to having to share my bathroom breaks and relaxing baths with a four legged black menace occasionally.

So until further notice, it looks like our house is going to be under the strict rule of No Closed Doors.

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